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Snow in July?!

Welcome to monsoon season in southern Utah! On Thursday, July 23rd one of our drivers was delivering a building to the Duck Creek area on Cedar Mountain and got caught in a snowstorm! He was traveling down highway 14 when he snapped these pictures.

According to his estimates there was three inches of snow!

As you can see, we can deliver your building in all types of weather! We bring the buildings in on a trailer being hauled by a semi. When your shed is ready for delivery, we will give you a call the week before to set up a time that works for you to deliver your shed.

When we arrive with your shed our driver will talk with you to find out where you would like the building and how you want it placed. Once that is determined, then the driver can either unload your building directly on the spot or it can be unloaded in another spot and moved into place by the Mule.

Once the building is in place, we will level it, take pictures of the building, and have you sign a form saying everything looks good. The whole process generally takes 45-90 minutes.

We are excited to see what the rest of the monsoon season brings and to provide more customers with high quality Cumberland Buildings. If you have any crazy stories about monsoon season in the American Southwest or any questions please comment below!

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